Blanc de Bleu gay wedding
Blanc de Bleu sparkling wine is becoming a trend at gay weddings. Courtesy Blanc de Bleu
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Serving Blanc de Bleu Wine at Your Gay Wedding

The story behind this distinctive, elegant sparkling wine with a sapphire hue and a hint of blueberry flavor

A fast-growing trend at weddings and other memorable fetes, Blanc de Bleu Cuvee Mousseux Brut owes some of its popularity to its alluring blue hue, but it’s also a superb-tasting premium sparkling wine produced with grapes from well-established vineyards in Northern California as a touch of real blueberry flavor. The makers of this refined, dry sparkling wine, which have been in the winemaking business since 1973, developed Blanc de Bleu with weddings and other special occasions in mind—indeed, it’s perfect for creating a toast your guests won’t soon forget. And even going beyond sipping the wine on its own, this refined Champagne-style sparkler pairs nicely with savory appetizers, sushi, and even light dinner fare.

Blanc de Bleu has also become favored by mixologists for creating distinctive custom cocktails, including this delicious-sounding Blanc de Bleu Polar Bear mixed drink from Bear World Media, and the Bleu Spectrum, which was featured at the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival in Orlando and is produced with Blanc de Bleu and brightly colored Boba pearls.

Blanc de Bleu sparkling wineThe beverage has been enthusiastically embraced by the LGBTQ community, and Blanc de Bleu has made a clear effort to signal its inclusiveness and support for same-sex marriage. It even uses images in its marketing that set the blue bottle against a rainbow backdrop.

The Inspiration Behind Blanc de Bleu

According to Blanc de Bleu winemaker Bob Stashak, the team behind the wine clearly had special occasions in mind when they created it, taking great care to develop a visually striking wine with an elegant label and bottle. “We add a small amount of blueberry flavor that leaves a lovely element of surprise and refreshment,” says Stashak. “The processing of these elements at their peak helps craft Blanc de Bleu’s unique flavor and palate-pleasing complexity. This method is why people are pleasantly surprised to find the wine dry and crisp, rather than being another overly sweet, flavored wine.”

The eye-catching Tiffany blue hue is certainly one reason the wine plays so well at weddings. “Our slogan of ‘Something Bleu for your magical moments’ suggests a room full of family and friends, glasses raised and filled with blue bubbly, as guests toast the newly married couple,” says a Blanc de Bleu representative. Another celebratory element is the distinctive label, which is shaped like Route 66 and gives the bottles a particularly attractive look when set on tables throughout a reception. The wine is perfect for pre-wedding celebrations, too, and Blanc de Bleu’s smaller 187-milliliter bottles make terrific wedding gifts.

Blanc de Bleu sparkling wine

The infusion of blueberries is no mere gimmick—the fruit actually adds a number of pleasing characteristics to the wine. “Blanc de Bleu is created by using two ingredients to their fullest potential,” Stashak explains. “We start with the base wine, which is the same fruit used in our high-end, méthode champenoise programs. A natural yeast fermentation then adds bubbles and imparts a pleasant pastry-like character. The small amount of blueberry flavor creates just enough balance to please the palate.”

Purchasing Blanc de Bleu Wine

As long as you live in a state that allows wine shipments, you can purchase the wine directly from the Blanc de Bleu site, either by the bottle or by the case. Or use the site’s Store Finder page to locate local retailers that carry the wine—it’s well-distributed throughout the country.

Blanc de Bleu gay weddings

If you live in or are visiting the Bay Area and you’re curious to try Blanc de Bleu yourself, consider dropping by the inviting tasting room at Rosenblum Cellars (10 Clay St., 877-478-9467), near the bustling waterfront in Oakland‘s picturesque Jack London Square. Rosenblum is part of the same parent brand as Blanc de Bleu and has also been long renowned for its own stellar wines, including a number of acclaimed old-vine zinfandels as well as petite sirah and Rhone-style blends. The tasting room is open daily and presents live music on Fridays along with other engaging events throughout the week. It’s a great space both for wine tasting and mingling with friends, perhaps while planning your next big party or celebration.