Rancho Mirage Gay Wedding

Rancho Mirage Gay Wedding: Michael & Matt

Michael Beilinson & Matthew Doris, March 19, 2016

Photography by Michael Segal Photography

NAMES Michael Beilinson & Matthew Doris LIVE IN Los Feliz, Los Angeles OCCUPATIONS Michael is a TV producer; Matt is an executive at a sneaker startup. HOW THEY MET Briefly at a bar in London one Halloween only to meet again months later. Michael: “We ran into each other at a music festival and immediately clicked.” HOW THEY GOT ENGAGED Matt proposed on Christmas Day while the couple vacationed in Ireland. Instead of rings, they exchanged vintage Omega watches. Their decision to marry in California, Michael’s home state, coincided with their move back from London. Michael: “We wouldn’t have moved to the U.S. if not for the Supreme Court ruling on marriage equality.” WEDDING DAY WEATHER Beautiful and sunny, in the low 80s NUMBER OF GUESTS 182 FLOWERS Succulents, with orange as the primary color DIY HIGHLIGHTS Their wedding planner deployed some emergency DIY magic when she discovered that half the place cards hadn’t printed. Michael: “She spent an hour with a calligraphy pen, exactly matching the professionally made settings. Nobody had a clue—not even us.” THE MENU They served a lighter version of Matt’s favorite cocktail, margaritas, after the ceremony. Michael: “We went with a margarita spritzer. It was refreshing, and everyone wasn’t immediately drunk.” Dinner followed with a caprese salad, and a surf-and-turf of beef fillet and Chilean sea bass. DESSERT Chocolate Guinness cake—a nod to Matt’s Irish heritage, along with a selection of petits fours MUSIC A live band for the reception and a DJ for the after-party FAVORITE DETAIL The prom-themed after-party. “It was probably excessive,” Michael admits, “but it was also my favorite part.” Matt grew up in Ireland and didn’t attend his prom. “Most gay people of my generation didn’t have a chance to bring a same-sex date either,” Michael adds. So, at 10 p.m., just as everyone thought the night was winding down, the couple—clad in ‘70s tuxedos—invited guests into the reception site’s grand ballroom for a surprise “prom,” complete with corsages and boutonnieres, a prom-style photo setup, and some truly garish decorations. UNIQUE ELEMENTS OF THE DAY The wedding planner created a faux footbridge over a blue wax-paper river for the guests to cross as they entered the prom. Michael: “They had one at my high school prom, and I always thought it was the best kind of tacky.” UNEXPECTED EVENT Two wedding guests met that night and fell in love. ADVICE FOR OTHERS Michael: “Any time someone tells you, ‘but you have to do it—it’s tradition,’ first smile, then ignore them.” Matt: “When you’re planning and worrying, you sometimes forget that having everyone you care about together in one room is pretty amazing in and of itself.” THE DAY IN THREE WORDS Exhilarating, formative, exhausting


Ceremony, Reception, and Catering
A private club in Rancho Mirage

Signature Party Rentals

Perfect Touch

Mary Catherine

Wedding Planner
Cathy O’Connell, COJ Events

Michael Segal Photography

Photo Booth
Social Light Photo

Exquisite Desserts

Jensen’s Florist

Lucky Devils Band/Daisy O’Dell/Drew Droege (MC)

Rehearsal Dinner
Eight4Nine Restaurant & Lounge