unconventional wedding jewelry

Unconventional Wedding Jewelry – Rethinking the Wedding Ring

A new generation of designers are reimagining wedding jewelry, from engagement rings to gifts for bridesmaids and groomsmen.

When you think of wedding jewelry, you probably envision diamonds, platinum, and gold. But couples today are increasingly questioning matrimonial mores and favoring novel materials and styles.

Thinking beyond minerals and metals can enhance your wedding’s theme. Phoebe Sherwood, a designer who works with oak and reclaimed mahogany, says her acorn necklaces fashioned out of hand-turned oak have made unique bridesmaids gifts. Also popular: pendants, cuff links, and whimsical bow ties from dConstruct’s sleek lightweight concrete jewelry. Designer Tara Locklear can turn a single skateboard into earrings and cuff links—she can supply the material but loves working with a bride’s or groom’s own board.

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Unusual materials offer special possibilities for bride and groom accessories, too. Jewelry brand Zoa Chimerum uses rubber tubing typically meant for wire insulation to create wild, curving jewelry that looks fresh out of a Tim Burton movie. They’ve designed show-stopping white bridal headdresses and hair pieces, as well as elaborate brooches that substitute for boutonnieres. Francesca Vitali weaves paper into intricate pieces of wearable art, such as cuff links for a groom using the actual paper on which he penned his vows.

For brides and grooms, Heart & Noble can produce its Fanatic Circle Ring in gold or encrusted with diamonds. And Phoebe Sherwood has set diamonds into her “sacred hart” antler-shaped rings for two grooms wanting distinctive wedding bands.

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Featured image: Swan vortex II, courtesy Zoa Chimerum