Wedding Bow Ties

A Guide to Wedding Bow Ties – Bow Tie Wedding Fashion

Bow ties are back! Make a fashion splash with gorgeous ties from Ivy League Men's Shop, Brackish, Boutaugh, and ZB Savoy

A Tie Revival

Originally popularized by 17th-century Croatian mercenaries (who knew?), the bow tie became de rigueur men’s formalwear by the late Victorian era. They’d grown a bit staid, however, until designers began to produce wedding bow ties in unexpected patterns, cool colors, and even nontraditional fabrics.

From top: Yellow with white polka dot cotton, Dha 1, $19; Blue with yellow flowers silk, Enro, $29; Pheasant feather “Seabrook,” Brackish, $195; Indicolite (soft teal) silk velvet, Boutaugh, $72; Dark-blue chambray “Marcus Mumford,” ZB Savoy, $44; Honey-mustard linen “Three Wise Men,” ZB Savoy, $44; Vintage Liberty of London silk “Peacock,” Boutaugh, $145

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