Mezlan Houston

Putting Your Best Foot Forward with Houston’s Mezlan Shoes

Essential tips for grooms on looking your best, from toe to heel, during your wedding

Located at one of the most desirable retail destinations in Houston, the swanky Galleria on Westheimer (just west of I-610), the revered men’s footwear boutique Mezlan Houston (5015 Westheimer Rd., Suite 2302, Houston, 281-940-3260) has rapidly become a go-to for gorgeous, artfully designed fashion for any special occasion, including weddings.

We spoke recently with Mark Baker, General Manager of Houston’s Mezlan boutique, about the brand’s celebrated launch and continued growth in the U.S. market, and what grooms should look for when choosing footwear for their big day.

LOVE WINS TEXAS: Tell us a little bit about the history of Mezlan, including how long it’s been in Houston. Given that there aren’t too many Mezlan shops in the United States, how did the company decide on its location inside The Galleria.

MARK BAKER: With owner and CEO Antonio Sanchez at the helm, Mezlan continues to blaze forward with fashionable European men’s footwear and accessories while staying true to its Spanish roots by artfully crafting each and every item by hand, the old-world way, just as it’s been doing since 1968. For Sanchez, bringing his unique and stylish footwear to the United States was an easy decision, one he made a reality in 1985.

Selling his fashionable collection at first to high-end boutiques and ubiquitous retailers such as Bloomingdale’s and Saks Fifth Avenue, Sanchez—not wanting to rest on his laurels—decided that the next step for Mezlan would be a series of company-owned luxury boutiques in high-end markets across the country.  He debuted his first one in Las Vegas in 2008, and now Antonio proudly boasts six retail stores with a seventh set to open in New York City in fall 2016. Among his luxury retail boutiques, Mezlan Houston sits in the luxurious Houston Galleria mall, a shopping destination known to discerning shoppers around the globe.  For this reason, and with its huge international clientele and cultural diversity, The Galleria was the perfect choice for Mezlan.

LOVE WINS TEXAS: Given that formal wear for weddings is a big part of your business, have you noticed an uptick in same-sex couples coming to the store since the Supreme Court ruling last year?

MARK BAKER: Absolutely!  There has been a definite, noticeable increase in same-sex couples shopping with us. We embrace our LGBT community and continue to support it, as we know it’s a vital part of Houston, with so much to offer.

LOVE WINS TEXAS:  Is most of your business in-person, or do you also find customers from farther afield learning about you and making purchases through the website?

MARK BAKER: While most of our business remains in-person, as we offer a truly unique in-house shopping experience that cannot be had online, we have seen an increase in our online business.  We continually fulfill web orders to fashion connoisseurs worldwide.

LOVE WINS TEXAS: Do you have any advice specific for men looking to purchase shoes and accessories for their big day—keeping in mind factors to consider, and styles or types of Mezlan shoes that you especially recommend for weddings?

MARK BAKER: Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to shopping for shoes for your wedding.  Although we still carry modern patent leather styles that are reminiscent of traditional tuxedo shoes, styles have definitely changed.  Gentlemen can now flaunt vibrant colors, unique textures, and stunning patterns like never before on their wedding day.  We find that this trend continues to grow with each new season.

LOVE WINS TEXAS Is the type of shoe one might purchase for a wedding going to function mostly for formal occasions in the future, or are there some great shoes that are versatile enough to work both for weddings and for other dressy-casual events in the future?

MARK BAKER: Definitely—many of our formal shoes also look great with traditional business attire, casual wear, and can even make a stunning statement with fashionable denim!

LOVE WINS TEXAS: How important is it to have shopped for and decided on the rest of your wedding suit/outfit before you shop for the shoes?

MARK BAKER: It’s fifty-fifty.  This is strictly based on an individual’s tastes.  For some, the shoes are an accompaniment to rest of an ensemble.  For others, and we see this more and more often, the shoes are the heart and soul of the outfit, the main focus to which everything else is built around.

LOVE WINS TEXAS: Do you have any other suggestions, guidelines, wedding footwear trends, or other advice you’d like to share with prospective couples and customers?

MARK BAKER: Again, don’t be afraid to think outside the box and to express yourself however you like. After all, this is your special day. Also, don’t overlook the small but important details, such as a complimenting pocket square or a vibrant pair of colorful socks, just for fun!