5 Essential Questions for Dallas-Fort Worth LGBT-Wedding Expert Christy Matthews

From hot trend to money-saving tips

Photo above: Meg Perotti

Wedding planner Christy Matthews
Wedding planner Christy Matthews

We spoke recently with the eponymous owner of Christy Matthews Events (805-717-2454), who’s based in the DFW region and is an expert on planning weddings of all styles and budgets, including LGBT ceremonies and receptions. Matthews—a certified wedding planner and consultant—also wrote an insightful article in our latest issue of Love Wins Texas Weddings on the most important factors to consider when initially planning a same-sex wedding.

Here are her candid answers to five questions that any LGBT couple planning their nuptials might find helpful.

LOVE WINS TEXAS: What’s your favorite moment of the wedding day?

CHRISTY MATTHEWS: The toasts. As the wedding planner, I am the stage manager, and I’m running the event behind the scenes. I have a giant clipboard and hip bag with my mini ‘emergency kit’, and I usually don’t stop moving for 10 hours on wedding days. The one time I try to put the clipboard down and just take it all in is during the toasts, typically over dinner. I stand against a back wall and usually get a little teary-eyed hearing the wonderful things friends and family have to say about my clients. I’m a total sucker for a well-written toast…the perfect toast takes many shapes. But all perfect toasts are a mix of being funny, touching, and personal. Encouraging, supportive, loving words get me every time.

LOVE WINS TEXAS: What wedding trends are you loving right now?

CHRISTY MATTHEWS: I’m really enjoying the smaller weddings, like an intimate dinner party, or having all the guests stay on the property where the wedding takes place.  I think there’s something special about hosting a smaller group of guests for a wedding—everyone there is meaningful to the couple, and that adds to the sentimentality of the day.

I think texture is going to be a big design trend in the next year—it’s a natural progression from the mixed metals and earthy elements we’ve been seeing in the last couple years. For example, rich velvet linens. La Tavola has a new line and it’s totally TDF.

Also, I am hoping to see more bold colors. Blush and champagne, gray, and even all-white weddings are beautiful, but I love the bright splashes of vibrant hues: red, magenta, cobalt. I’m betting on those colors for 2017.

LOVE WINS TEXAS: What are your best tips and secrets for saving money on some of the major wedding expenses?

CHRISTY MATTHEWS: This is tricky. In general, everything is negotiable…to a point. I think the best way to save money at the beginning of the planning process is to find a venue that offers various concessions in their packages. A hotel wedding package may offer points, or even nights at a sister property, for your honeymoon. Often with hotels, you don’t know what you can actually include in your package unless you ask a lot of questions. Hotels have to meet sale minimums throughout the year, so be upfront about your needs and expectations when you meet with the venue manager for the first time. A smaller ballroom, or a different date, may result in a smaller price tag. Remember, the biggest check you will write is for the reception: food/beverage and site rental. So if you can get a good deal with your venue, you’re starting off on the right foot!

LOVE WINS TEXAS: Given the notoriously wet spring-time weather in much of Texas, what are your tips for “weather-proofing” a wedding?

CHRISTY MATTHEWS: It’s cliché, but you always have to have a “plan B” in place. If you’re planning an outdoor wedding in North Texas, you’re tempting fate—in any season. As a wedding planner, this risky element makes me very anxious! Outdoor plans require indoor backup plans. Always. Planning on setting up a tent in the event of rain isn’t a reliable option, as far as I’m concerned. It can get very windy here. Rain can turn into golf-ball-size hail!  And yes, even tornadoes are possible.

LOVE WINS TEXAS: Choreographed wedding party entrances or dances: yay or nay?

CHRISTY MATTHEWS: Yay! My job as a planner is to take the vision my clients have for their wedding day and make it a reality. If choreographing an entrance is something you think is super fun, do it! I love facilitating this kind of micro-event. The best weddings have some memorable moments, some surprises—a unique element. Your wedding should speak to the kind of couple you are.